Monday, May 04, 2009

i guess i know my priorities,,the FIRST thing i did this morning,,besides starting the coffee,,is LOOK AT my UFO SITE for any new news,,LOL, i look at that UFO site more then anything,,kelly says im crazy about that too,,but i will keep my opinion thank u very much,,i believe, and i KNOW we will see proof soon.... i feel real weird about reality,,i must be insane,,I MUST BE,,
i dont feel close to any objects like i did before,,like i Cherish my horse statue and other fine items ive collected over the years,,books,,and fine dishes and flatwear and antiques and stuff
its all un important..gotta go,,shes up and will get mad if i dont help her AWwwww
back,,ive really been lacking in the ENDURANCE area lately,,i cant hardly get up or down the stairs,, i dont dare complain tho,,or i will be told to take more prednisone,and i cant,,i gotta get off that shit before i loose my effing mind..a doctor did tell me that over use of prednisone is known to mess with your mind and body,,not only just my skn and bones are effected,, im effected inside and out from PREDNISONE and im getting off of it,,id rather go crooked and live longer then the recipe im using now,,make sense? i hope so!
bottom line is that: R A SUCKS the BIGGEST one eva!
i want to move to NEW ENGLAND- before i die! and live in a house thats 200 years old.
Obama and Geithner were just on,,saying they plan t close loopholes in the overseas banking scam to avoid taxes,,whoa - thats big !im fasinated now w/ Geithner for some reason,i think hes a alien from ,,,nevermind,heheee... heres his funky mugshot:

Geithner is an alien
i was hooked on bernakie,,but hes not been around lately,,,so im transfixed on Geithner
(weird huh)
i just read his bio on .... its incrdible,,

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