Thursday, May 07, 2009

right now im extremly upset,,i justfoundout about KFC practice for the chickens,i have tears running down my cheeks because of the INHUMANE TREATMENT I JUST WATCHED with pamala anderson narrating i had to turn it off because my heart just broke, and i could not handel it = i was lead to that site after printing off free deal at FKC from and we didnt go last nite cuz kelly was so tired and i didnt feel to good, so i see today that all the coupons are making mangers quit thier jobs over all this,,,its upseting about the cruilty and i cant baer it,,i just care soo much for the helpless and unable to fend forthem selve creaturs ofthis planet,,like worms even,,i save worms and place them back intomy fertil soil ,,i save spders from being trapped,, i even catch a fly with my hand,,(like a cat) and throw em back out,,i once saw a mouse in my house,,i gloved up andcaught it and let it out where it belongs,,i cant evenkill plants on pourpos i have to save ever living thing that i can LIKE BABY STAR,,no one paid anyattn to that lil kitten,,but i did what i could and shes safe herenow withus and loved soo much!,,(im just weird like that)

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