Tuesday, May 26, 2009

me and mary- sunday nite at "hippy-party"(larry's annual blast)
~ i had to turn that last "post" into a "[draft"-save]" and not "publicly" express my opinion about someone,i always think " I shat NOT judge",,and i try to stick to that ....forgive..
every things gonna work out in the long run im sure, but what scares me is the news -im sure intrigued by"headlines" these days.
~i cant help but wonder whats around the next corner ? big UFO parks in the sky? and we all run around insane from it!,they should make a movie,, not so much like war of the worlds,,more like something that would happen today , like the MOVIE: KNOWING,whoah,,great film,,about adam and eve,,and it made me think about history ,, i really liked this film KNOWING and its implied that aliens had something to do with our genetics...past present and future
knowing 2009

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