Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy Bday to you little starbaby
today is stars birthday,,shes is now offficaly one year old,who would have thoughtthis lil creature could bring such joy to my heart and soul. god truly sent her for a reason, shes so lovely,she really is ( im going on and on about a lil kitten-whew )i thank god for her.
im with swollen everything this morning,,i did not sleep well last nite at all- i am having hot flashes like crazy , i woke up very hour or so, to squirm around and escape my R.A .pain..
hands are very swollen neck is outta control and feet hurt to walk on them,,,
pics when i get back fromdowntown,,i needt o catch up here w/ alot of stuff
like ther oomate deal(OMG)
and hospitial visit, and how allergies r stirring up my RA why?
i hurt to look ..i mean my eyes hurt to see, does that make sence? yes i think so

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