Sunday, May 24, 2009

2012 is just around the corner -its the dawning of the age of aquarius.
im just now taking time to discover what the hell is web bot,,have u heard of it? i have, but had NO interest in it,,well,,wow,,now im interested because of this story,,very very interesting stuff as far as predictions and accuracy,
Web Bot Predictions for 2008 / 2009:
Since its conception in the late 1990’s, the Web Bot Project has made a number of very accurate and insightful predictions regarding coming events. Originally designed to track stock market trends, the Web Bot uses a system of spiders that crawl the Internet looking for patterns of behavior, trends and chatter pertaining to coming events. This tool is believed to be able to forecast the future by tapping into the collective unconscious of society.
and after reading the article,,i may want to start thinking about back up plans and stocking up. seriously tho! i am going to hoard in the basement! bullets water canned food,,and seeds to plant should i happen to survive 2012,,u never know,, its all planned out tho--God knows who's doing what where when and why,, who's in and who's out.i like the prediction of UFOs being reported 1000 times over then what is going on now...

i am always observing the sky the chemtrails fake clouds,, put that with stressful times and arguments and i think we have a match,,i say we get aggressive and anger quickly when we see chemtrails in the days before,,its something im am going to LOG / and NOTE and see how-(with out telling anyone)-how we all act,,are we mellow? or aggatated? are we happy? or depressed?it has alot to do with the thick air of chemtrails that we are breathing in- im going to get scientific with this.

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