Sunday, May 03, 2009

our hostas are thriving in this rainy weather
elvis there...

cant see well at all.

its SUNDAY already,,jesh,,time is speeding it an "illusion"
or is it really flying as fast as it seems? time is sooo strange, i feel strange.
ive been researching the fact that thousands of years ago ,there were giants living here
thats a hypothesis i can go with just cuz the prehistoric fossils and graves of GIANTS all around the world have been discovered thu out time,,and these giants have 6 fingers and toes as well as two sets of teeth -- wow,,need to know more so im watching these videos at u-tube.
also i have been learning more latin,,like this :
'Capitis Diminutio Maxima'--its what we are forced to do without even knowing ,,unless u study law,,and even then i am not sure if this idea is taught in schools,,(have to ask kelly)
i love Latin for some reason. i hung on to possecomitatus as soon as i heard the term aLONG time ago,i thought its probably where street talk got its term "posse" for gang. most words are from Latin.
hell i even LOVE Spanish language,,i wish to speak it fluently but that will never happen due to
all the fluoride ive been drinking in the water..and ...the damn chem-trails ive been breathing in(probably what gave me R.A. TOO..? )
also codex arlimintarius(not sure if i spelled that right) kelly thinks im absolute nuts for even discussing this,which,,i think its crazy too,,but hell,,the law goes into effect december 2009,,if its stopped then we r K,,but if "codex" goes thru,,(which im scared it will-because why else would all the coffins be placed around USA) VITAMINS will be ILLEGAL and considered poison,,and it will be illegal to have vitamins and foods grown from any natural garden,,no more back yard gardens ,,unless thy meet the requirements and the requirements are that food must contain the shit that makes us sick,,i dunno,,just watch this video and u will see what the heck im talkin about,,BY THE END OF THIS YEAR 2009 WE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH,,IF CODEX HAPPENS THEN WE R SCREWED BIG TIME ...
Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs - 40:07 - Sep 2, 2006 Natural Solutions Foundation -

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