Thursday, May 21, 2009

how i did my hair yesterday
this elbow very very sore
hands thumbs and knuckels and i have splitz in my fingertips again from lack of naps have not been allowed able to nap

im up and its way to early - it was star walking across me that woke me - all the pain came flooding in,,i had to get up and get to my pain aids..and prednisone
its 5.41 am,,i am scheduled to see dr whitte today at three,so i need to rest before i go ,its a long trip and im going alone this time,,,i just want in and out,,thats it,,i don't like that place,,Kelly said she thought they were talking about us (god,dont tell me we got attitude here now,,OMG) is there no effing medical place with Little bit of competence out there,HELLO,,,hello-echo back,,,,,,,,,,,
NOPE,, NO GOOD MEDICAL places any more,,all the ppl are all so NASTY & MEAN,,i HATE THE MEDICAL WORLD - and all those supposed nurses and doctor's are real ASSes these days,,its in the air i swear.i just watched the NEWS CNN for the first time in days,,OMG world outta major control --police are out of control,,,our neighbors are out of control,,our roomate is outta control --- i just have one question,,why the hell is everyone loosing their GD MINDS!????????
i would not be surprised one minute if i was told its IN THE AIR!!
from those chem trails,,got us all thinking wild and crazy and its starting to REALLY show,,i am about to cry-
ohhhh now i am crying - shit.
the cats wont eat their food (cat chow) - i remember when all pet food was contaminated,,i don't trust products from china anymore,,,,NOW I SEE THE Sheetrock from china is tainted allot of NEW homes today,,ppl are getting sick from the poison -- how effing typical and where is the competence these days??huh??,,
im so fed up with getting NO WHERE everyday ..iswear! i have to go see dr whitte today and i want to JUST TELL HER:
"look, Lady, i dont think U KNOW anything RA ,,
why R U taking away my only crutch?" (if u will) I depend on this for my sanity,, its calllled a little yellow pill and its pretty harmless the way i that i use it,,only just when someones Yelling at me and when have to go deal with doctors,, and OK ,, just about anytime i gotta deal with the public , crowds make me nervous ..gore phobia style! LOOK I GOT RA alright,,its a stressful disease and its stolen MY LIFE MY BODY - MY MIND AND MY SOUL and NOW u wanna take away a effing ZERO POINT FIVE MILLIGRAM ALLOWED 3 X aday for nerves, ive been doing for ssix years now((OH BIG DRUGGY))OK--!!!---look, i have tons of girls that have HIGHER MILIGRAMS in xanax OR klonipin,,dont need a dr for that,shhhhheeeet i was just trying to play by the RULES and BE A GOOD CITIZEN and BE legal ..whatever .... pffst!asif.
im in charge, and im off that lexapro - i see and feel again,,its vey enlightening

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