Monday, May 11, 2009

a cold and cloudy monday mornin,,i FEEL like creating today.....i have NOT had this feeling in a LONG LONG time,,the desire to create art ,,i cannot stand ugly-ness,it kills me,,really,,i told kell years ago,,and she remembers,: i have to live around trees and grass and beauty,,otherwise....i die,,today is going to be coolrainy day ,,as usual,im not complaining,,we could all be sweating to death,,but its cool and cloudy,and our plants are thriving in this type of washington weather
i love that its been raining,all plants outside are thick and healthily
back from droppin K off @ her POE, came back here to get money,i gotta go to the store.(i have sinus issues BAD) RA is under control for right now,,TG! (im on DARVON THO)
elbows are both swollen and my neck as usual....
well,SHIT,i swear ...why does the lord send all the poor sick animals my way?????
i tried to save a thrush this morning,-HOPE ITS NOT A MOMMA & the babies are waiting for her to come home w/food,,,,,im crying now- this bird,,Thrush- is not gonna make it-
in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost, maythe lord take this little bird and comfort it,take it quickly as no suffering can be tolerated,,and dear lord,,if this is a mother w/ babies,,please send a miracle that another bird will feed the orphans,,,,i pray St Francis to protect our lil'creatures and may they all suffer NOT one time...Amen
Nature can be very brutal
and so loving ,,nature is awesome. its a wonder to me.
this is a thrush..i love them,,i love all birds,i used to raise finches,,
gouleins(viewsonic) and blu cordons and simple cute zebras,,i have cats now tho.

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