Tuesday, May 05, 2009

me kristi and rhonda back in 1999

its so damp outside,,we've had MORE RAIN then normal,,at least the basement is NOT flooding this time/i feel RA'd so badly,, i bumped my pointy elbow yesterday and that made it painful and my elbows are both inflamed - also i have no thumbs again,,they hurt like crazy to use them.i have taKEN alot OF IBUPROPINE this morning.soggy wet weather has been the norm now , for WEEKS / i cannot believe how chilly it has been here in olklahoma (((im usualy in a halter top and shorts by now)))) just weird weather ad the bible says,, seasons blend together soman canot tell ne season from the next is one of the phrophcies (im thnkin' is this is it?) i keep thinkin ' that barackObama sure seems to fit the antichrist bill- i feel so bad about thinkin that -- but u can not dismiss the evidence as it makes itself known - just wait and see - we were not ment to know the end says jesus. i think,,im no pro on the bible --even tho i should be -
new word for the day(not latin tho,bummer) egregious = conspicuous ; especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant
i had to define this due to alex jones website at U-tube has been remeoved OMG they R really are filtering out anything they deem "not good" so much for a great free website to find out everything from how to,,,to ,,, politics and ofcourse,,my chanel,,allll about some cats that i LIVE WITH.

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