Friday, May 08, 2009

awww 2001 and its mary and then me then amanda and kelly all over at mar's house,WAY backthen! mary is always cooking something,,she is a awesomecook!

OH i see FAIRFAX VIRGINIA has been here,,if you mite know my uncle bill lorence (he builds houses) or my awsome aunts janet wiess and denise (dont now if it still lorence?) they were the coolest aunts (always let us drive the car we were only ten and eleven or so ) soo much fun, we
are all from IOWA, riceville, population 1000. but a GREAT GREAT i mean coool town- i wish i had grown up there (i grew up back and fourth from Minneapolise and here (Tulsa) a yankee to a confederate then back again over and over,,LOL! we me and mary got used to moving as kids>

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