Thursday, May 28, 2009

screenshot of my search that scared me....i read it all!

my computer is having issues,im with another virus i do believe-getting lots of weird crashes and
3 x my computer rebooted tself int SAFEMODE..i was like,,"wtf?" i am sure its a deep virus i have to scrub-dangIT!i hate this,,its the price i pay for exploring seeds,,,aka torrents.. and its worth it,,i JUST watched the film called Illuminati and their secret-space= WOW..its far out.!!! and i have a few other awesome downloads i cant wait to watch.i was in really bad shape yesterday RA was thriving in me,i could NOT walk on my feetbones at all,it hurt so bad i went insane im my head,,and just passed OUT after having to take serious dose of pain aids..
ITS REALLY REALLY UNUSUAL WEATHER going on here,,its like a friggen'minnesota-day!!!
its been just around 55. at nite and 60. during the day,its unbelievable,,,(if this is global weather modification, then i'm all for it ) sooo surreal ..this weather is just down right weird!

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