Sunday, January 25, 2009

these are my viruses i cannot get removed, im stillworking on it.
big time bugs from downloading music & videos.
at least i have BOTH drives showing now,,i could not access my other 180 gig OR my plextor to took a a day to break it down and redo - everything. IDE and nic card were not working.
IE would just collapse on me while just browsing.. i just used firefox until IT started to do the same dame thing -
i knew then that i cannot ignore these viruses,,and i should fix it,,sooo,,,thats what ive been doin' . messing with the the guts of my 'puter.
I wish i could buy a new puter,,i "want windows 7 "coming out.

its a cold sunday morning,ive been up since 7.00ish...i feel weird.
Iive been loookin at the latest UFO stuff and trying to be quiet and meditate on positive things.
the cats are frisky cuz its cold, and the weather is calling for storms to come in,,with ice and snow? we'll see tho-you never know with our can change in a split second.
i still feel that punch in the gut feling,,im stressed and tryingNOT to be stressed.

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