Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i couldnt blog this AM, i feel like im going into a flare,, probably from messing with my does of prednisone,,(forgot it couple of days ) and im paying for it now,,it stores in youe system so i didnt se any imediate results but i do now,,i reallly forgot how badly my feet used to hurt,,like tears to my eyes hurt...and i feeel that now,,im sure i will be OK i just gotta take it easy and no lifting or anything like that,,(all this after i vaccume hehehee)
im drained of all energy, this is why the no post in the AM.
i think imdrained from crying all damn day yesterday from the shrink,,then to the man we voted for,Obama,i watched it and had to cry all day over it,,,it was as if i knew him,,i kept saying ,,im so proud of him and his family-they are a great role model of family unit with love respect =im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about barack, but then i see how the whole world is worshiping him,,its almost scary,,like ,,is he the antichrist? noWAY! thats just crazy,,ya ever know tho..must be dilagent and pay attention to the signs.
~thinking about "the signs" i see good good ppl struggeling now days, never had issues before but now,,,,and i feel like the more you believe in god-and do good,,the devil works even harder to get you to deBunk God - and believe its all just old sumarrian traditions turned into and evolved from ,,those days and whats on cunneform, we do have science to concider but i believe science and religion CAN blend and be concidered in all.

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