Saturday, January 17, 2009

its Saturday,im up; with my neck and kelly is still sleeping,,which i would not be surprised if she slept all day because she just ran out of all energy
last nite,we went to the show-the silent show starring Rudy Valentino,(Italian) in "the sheik",,i should have brought my camera and glasses ,,it was so cute just like last time,,i loved it and well,,i could not read most of the words on the screen -i got the " just of it all",tho........
thru facial expressions,,thats really how they acted back then,,so dramatic-hey....kinda
reminds me of me-hehee.
we got in at ten and thats LATE for me,,so i awoke this morning at about 8.30 with kittybaby and elvis all over me tellin me to get up so they can play! -ohh these cats around here
HI GLORIA, i haven't been my self lately,ive been in a struggle"on the razors edge" of a mental Breakdown,,whats stoppin me?KLONIPIN!=--really lessens the intensity that i feel inside when i think of my future and my disease and my situation and i feel bad for kelly cuz she has the world in her hands now,,,and shes stuck with me,,i cant follow thru on most things,,but,,i try
I TRY SO HARD but i run out of energy so quickly- i get so lethargic and slow by the time ive been up and going for 4 hours,,that i just collapse and need to sleep for 3 4 hours,,its like that every day,,its called NO TREATMENT for my RHEUMATOID........
i dont have much stamina...i about faint walking up our knees hurt with every effort.
here are some current pics of my RA:


people may say to me,,hello deb how r u today????? and i say ... OMG: im fine,,(faking it tho)
because of all of this

funni video- i LoVE this lady who is being arrested by police...
she should just get an escort home:

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