Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pic taken days obama shirt!
its 6.30 am i dont feel good b/c of my neck hurting and i also feel shakey unstable,, and easy to fall over, i need to wake up...its slow going/ i dont feel RA like i did last nite,,i really
had RA bad last nite,,,nothing could touch my hands and body,i was so tender and on the edge of pain going on for so long, i feel asleep at 6.30-woke up to all the cats playing on me at 10.30...i stay up awhile to tt kelly and she was having a hard time with feeling nausea and a unstable stomach. i took benodril at ten thirty and passed out again and didnt want to wake up at 6.10 when the alarm went off.....gotta go help K now! BBL....
afternoon is sunny but only 25 degrees outside,Buuurrrrrrr,my bones hurt and my feet r numb,even tho its toasty warm in the house.
im in a funk,i feel anxiety and inability focus. i will be so happy when spring comes, im not ment for the cold anymore. if im cold i just cant think. i jus wanna sleep thats all.

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