Wednesday, January 14, 2009

its 6.30 am,,i feel OK- still burned from SSDI hearing tho,
i am gonna get a photo story togethr and request that that be weighed in,,someones gotta do something cuz my atty did not have enuff w/ evidence,,he should have said judge, or, your honer my client has active rheumatoid for 5 years and she doesnt control the medical world,,she has followed directions and sought help in every corner of tulsa, but RA is not common and medical help is just not there for debra maddox-also id add that the drugs i take for rheumatoid are also contribute to her ..gotta go,,its time to help K..
back..poor Emachine..hes alittle sick,,im sure its cuz he licked all th iodine off himself..from late yesterday ---i spotted a patch of "possibly" ringworm --again---i also treated scotty,,aka boboo,,for what could be ringworm under his chinny-chin-chin, -that is why i think its RW cuz he cant clean himself there,,its a hard to reach area for the lil booobear-heheee,hes so cute-i jus luvhim so so so much-
elvis is strong and the leader of the cat world here,,elvis rules and boooo just goes along with what ever elvis says, but booboo likes to play with star and elvis gets mad or jealous of the baby,,he really will compete for my attention ///im careful to treat each according to their individual needs-awwww..luvluvluvthosecats.

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