Monday, January 26, 2009

good monday morning all U RA ppl out there!heeheeee
i am back from droppin off the girl -now i have toget prepaired for tasks today.
~ a storm is comming so i gotta go p/u my meds --pharmacy is far away- so i was waiting for prenisone and flexiril i want all ready to go when i get there----they said that they have been trying to get approval,,,but no like wha>? OMG dont tell me,,we have a problem filling my prescriptions again!
i dropped off those scrirpts a month ago so it would not be a hassel NOW,,well, its a hhassle NOW they must have lost my prescriptions,,OMG im sure,,sooooooo i have no prednisone,

i see doctor tody BUT a storm is comming and we dont know how serious,,but i need my prednisone before this town shuts down while ice and snow come,,we just can not handel ice or snow here in tulsa,,every one freaks out - they drive like crazy madmen -panic when snow or ice comes along,,its just like armageden around here,,i tell ya,,people just really freak out, everything shuts down..crazy just crazy (((im from minnesota)))nothin shuts down there.

more later,,gotta go down stairs and take care of my urge to smoke a cigatrette (I KNOW-BAD GIRL) but the strss is too much,,we caved in,,we got a box of patches and we wanna quit it again,,but we gotta decide when we will do it/ no problem.quitin' is for quiters....and i aint no quiter! dangit!

today is the begining of the year of the OX thats ME! october 3 1961,,im a OX and its pretty accurate on what is said about me.....

last paragraph says it truely:
Oxes hate to ask for help. If it takes them twice as long to accomplish something, they still prefer working alone. They want things to last and build them with care. Oxes love their home and family and provide well for them. They do well at long term investments with stability and firm foundations. (((OMG all ive been sayinfis i want a foundation)))) They are definitely not gamblers. Oxes earn their success by their own merits and don't expect any free rides.
sounds just like me......
things shoud be good now starting today! yeaaaa!

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