Monday, January 19, 2009

have to put tinfoil in every plant so star doesnt pee in it.UG! these were brought in from the freeze

awwww we love lil snails

we love this jihad

whatim doing RightNOW....getting hooked on UFO's

early morning MONDAY is a holiday for most,,,its MLK day,,,,,,awwwww then barack becomes our next official president(love his honesty) we r right in the middle of world changing events,,and i do think things are goingt o get weirder and weirder as we get closer to 2012.
the dawning of the age of aquarius. (HAIR-great film)i uploded a quickie .avi of star cuz shes just so damed cute about everything.

thats whats saving her ass is her cuteness-i swear shes peee'd in my plants,,i have to keep having Kel haul plants downstairs so i can clean the soil and Star-proof them all,,,like this :

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