Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boobooooooo,we jusLuvhim..hes so damn sweet about everything

"kelly dont worrie about yer student loans,,its all gonna end at 2012 anyways" not that i wish that at all!!! its just,,,just,,i feel the Age of Aquarius is Upon Us. all the signals say....the Prophets have written,,so on and so fourth. ----
a late start this AM,, its cooooold and icy and THANKGOD we have power ,,, Kelly made it to work,i didnt drive...roads are really slick,and only a few pppl are at work today - K said she wanted to go soo..she made it no problem.
i added a video of what we saw while driving out west yesteday (driving out to drs. office)
ive never seen sooo many fools just flippin their cars over left and right. why dont ppl slow down? i just dont get it. ~Ohwell,,dont dwell~
2.00 pm: im up from my nap ,,i still dont feel so good b/c -i was so stressed and over did yesterday with all that activity driving on ice all the way to a doctor's and then to the pharmacy to wait to fill,,prednisone..and then careful to get home on ice.seeing all those accidents was a mental downer (i thank the lord for the protection and level head to be safe)
~ im going to check the outdoors now,,i hear it sleeting . then i think i need to lay back down damnit.
kelly gets outta work early today
just a earthbound misfit...i.

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