Tuesday, January 13, 2009

same day just later
i went out to "medical arts building" this am,,in hopes of getting my LEXAPRO refilled,,..im back now and have LEXAPRO 20 mg per day.
i am glad thats over with,,(the place freaks me out but i dont think its appropriate to say why)
i just am grateful for the "handout" it was free and i am indigent- my new word....
so applicable
im soooo in pain from head to toe from the fall last nite,,my elbows both hurt,,just haveing the sleeves/fabric touch my elbows hurts them, and my neck is bad,,its all swelled and goes across the entire of my upper back - i hurt and thats about it....
everythign else just sux. im sure ill get over it all,,but right now,,i really have a depressed - ajatated and resenting-attitude and i think anybody in my position would be right about now,,
PS: this is why ppl go out and by guns and start shoooting.GOODTHING thats just not my style

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