Monday, January 26, 2009

back from bedlam and i saw dr whitte again,2X now,shes understanding and a good listener, she took everything down on her new laptop.
(they were in a computer system upgrade and it took awhile to get outta there)
she issued my prescriptions , straightened out the mess and no prblem
and she... ORDERED XRAYS... thank GOD IN HEAVEN i will get my spine and hips and hands and ams(elbows sholders) XRAYED! i am now with more audacity of hope again...
i know know once they see elbows andhads and neck andfeet,,they will see the damage-and i will see the damage---i want copies of my Xrays,(i will post them here when i get them)
weather update
as we drove out to bedlem ,,,and saw car after car in the ditch - some were even ambulances
i saw the driver was injured and the abulance was crunched front drivers side,Bad!!! cars and trucks all in the ditch,,just like i said before,,armagedon around here,,we drove slow and paid attn and were able to drive all the way out there and back w/o issue!!! the roads are so icy its dangrous to even try now that the sun is down,,its deadly dangerous really. we may loose power,oh god !!not the power!!! i have memories of just last winter we froze with out power for over five days.
heres what we look like right now at

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