Thursday, January 15, 2009

something MUST be wrong w/me,,i usually blog while waiting for my prednisone and ibuprofen or darvon to kick in ..but ive been smoking so that's changed the morning routine,
shame shame shame.. but we have a box of patches,,so we will quit again just like big deal.
also - i feel detached i am doing things like stand in front of the coffee maker for the entire time it makes 8 cups,,,it takes forever ..just starring off
my neck hurts, im anxious and i am detached,,thats the morning report...i just dont know what to say at this point.
i wrote a letter to the judge "his honor" in regards to my situation,,because i was beside myself on the day of my trial,,,,,i cannot believe that my RA isnt mesurable or weigh in court,that i dont know to do the letter and pics and hope to god.
goes right along with what i say about services these days,,every ones so effing grumpy when they hand you your burrito-out of the drive thru-and mean and i hate that-were's all the brotherly love and it takes a village,,,,i sense something wrong when im out running to walmart or getting gas or just in traffic in general,,everyone seems like a fake robot =its hard to type,,my keyboard sux and my fingers hurt soo,,,i will come back later,,after i see if i can pull it together,,go wake up K and serve coffee" yummie..thank god for coffee"

shhh well,HELLYES its a concern

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