Sunday, January 11, 2009

its a sunny BUT a cold sunday,,i've been asleep from stress ever since the SSDI on friday afternon - i really hated every moment, i felt so hopeful UNTIL my atty scolded me at the morning meeting,he was stressed and OK but ,hey,,dudde,,youve got a job,,and im not feeling the support ---some of my medicl stuff was NOT in the files ????,,im the one here suffering with a neck thats getting worse- my hands are bad -and elbows are really bad. soo i cant write up too much here right now cuz kelllys really sick with a migrain headache and is sleeping- i have alot to do so i gotta get stated,,im ready to go but i gotta get organized - make a list and get dressed. i gotta stay focused (my head is in the clouds-im feeling surreal)

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