Friday, July 30, 2010

went to a funeral today, picked up kelly debbie and retha and we all went to collinsville for jims funeral - we just saw he and karen married now hes dead, he dropped dead last friday night in Pennsylvania on a job , karen got the call here in tulsa. so sad.
the minister who married them, also did the ceremony - i really listened to what he had to say -i could hear and see that he was very upset by all this.
i mean,,, it was just 3 months ago, we all laffed and giggled and had a real good time at the wedding. i took tons of pics that evening,but god,,hes dead now- its so ,,, so strange,,death.
the military did a number, just beautiful. i didnt think id need tissue but i ended up with smeared mascara and a wet snotty small kleenex. karen cried when they gave her the flag folded how they do that- and give to the widow- sooo sad. we all cried then.
so im here,we debbie, retha ,me and kell,all went to collinsville restaurant for lunch. dropped them off at the office and i came back here to rest.
its only 12.30p and i feel like ive been up and going for an entire day

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