Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the nibiru conspiracy gets better all the time, personally, i BELIEVE it is coming. i believe they know about it (their up and coming actions will show us the truth...) i love reading all the comments on videos and blogs. i save the good ones,here's a few from today:


Brown Dwarf Discoveries

Nemesis (Nibiru's Dwarf Star) Update
i thought Nibiru was just Stitchins wet dream. Now i'm not so sure. Would love you to be right tho cos lets face it, it's gonna be a hell of alot more interesting than Work, Consume, Die!!!

any idea why Soho was down for 14+ hours from 7/25-7/26?

@jcattera well i almost got the picture of the object being tagged...but they removed it 5 minutes before i got the images....dam NASA i swear they are tracking my system

yup it's obvious it's nemesis do you see the discharge it does just like our sun?

the only other venus out there is comin' outa NASA's anus.lol


Possible Brown Dwarf (Planet X?) very close to Orion's Belt

jcattera youtube channel

Hello, there seems to be a lot of discussion about this object being Mars.
Just to clarify, I used my 8 Inch LX200-ACF Telescope ($3000 system) on three separate nights in conjunction with my IR camera to locate this object. I also confirmed with four of my astronomy friends. We all know where Mars is located. The coordinates for this object are no where near Mars.

@jcattera; that is quite bizarre. On Google Sky Mars does indeed appear in those constellations nowhere near Orion but in other programs like Stellarium or Orbiter Spacesim, Mars is shown to be to the upper right of Orion near Gemini.

@al12121 - Thanks for pointing that out. I also checked Heaven's Above and they have Mars to the left of Gemini also. So, this is very bizarre! It's confusing as to which one website to believe.

2 days ago
@jcattera a third point. google has only bloocked the visible spectrum. the infrared is still visible. not sure what that means. take a look at another point in the sky and tell us what you see 13h 47m 37 -8h 36m 10. this area is blokced by all three websites..google..wiki and microsoft WWT. watch vidoe by nostarpanel.

This is why Christ warned us..

This can't be Mars, Mars is of a different baring. Go google sky and you will see Mars. But the reading that you gave, 6h42m8.44s, 41 40' 18.94", I tried to see it on google sky, it was blacked out!!! That part of the universe is blacked out???
This is a government cover up!!!

When i entered the co-ordinates into google sky there is no star, in fact there aren't any stars in that area, just a black square where the image has been left out or taken away.

"there will be signs in the heavens"

If you notice that small orb on the bottom right of Niburu here, it is too clear to be a shadow, I wonder if it is "Marduk" which the Sumerians said orbits Niburu.

i tried to look on google sky n that imageblock is missing

Some theorists said that this was about the time it would become visible. The Archons and the elites have known of this star, for it is like the midwife that helps in the birthing of a new age. The megaliths stand as a testament of prior ages. Look at their motto, "Out of chaos, comes order." This is why all institutions are systematically being brought down. We shall see much revolution prior to the stars arrival.

Nibiru facts and secrets...what is going on in this world?

boobear19962007 says:
February 5, 2010 at 6:49 am
i live on the east coast of Florida and its says that if you stand on the beach when the sun starts to rise you see a star that shouldn’t be there.all I can say is Cover your butt start buy extra non perish foods water and head for the mountains I have a wife and 3 kids there have been many things throughout history stating the world would end on this year or that year.we have become so numb to it that people are ignoring this and its going to be unfortunate for the ones that do.again great vid


Eris a.k.a. Planet X Is Now Visible 4-4:30am on Eastern Horizon!!!

2 weeks ago Eris or Sedna has to be one of the moons of Nibiru. But sadly ATS classified you as a hoaxer which is not right. Whatever it seems Phage says it happens. then somebody brought that thread back up and Phage finally admits that planet in question wasn't "beatleguiese". I personally don't know what to believe any more. but I do believe Nibiru exists.

FACT} Eris movement discovered Jan 2005 .The South Pole Telescope achieved first light on February 16, 2007, and began science observations in March 2007.The South Pole is the premier observing site in the world for millimeter-wavelength observations.Another advantage of the South Pole site is that the sun sets in mid-March and is followed by six months of total darkness, during which time the atmospheric conditions become extremely stable ,Eris is approaching from the south under us! OHNO! .

It's interresting, but if you use these too words together Eris Dysnomia or in te literal spoken form "dysnomia eris", they actually have another meaning. I've tried to get some minds going here so now I'll just put it out there for you. Eris was a demon, so we say "demonic" and dysnomia means to forget or forgetfullness of names. Used together the words mean litterally "forgetfullness or forgetting names through demonic influence or intervention."


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