Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a Break Down:
1. The US Government is broke
2. The US Government owes $100 TRILLION+ For Entitlements
3. Many of the Recipients are Gulf Coast Retirees
4. BP Is The Front-Military...To Obvious-Corexit i.e. Agent Orange Holocaust
5. The People of the Gulf Coast Are A Liability Worth More Dead Than Alive
6. The US Government Is Liquidating Its Assets & Liabilities Simultaneously
Near Future
7. Cap & Trade Tax-Strict Drilling Regulations
8. Inevitable Energy crisis
9. Anger at US Government, Corporations, Insiders, Elite, & NWO
10. Public Riots & Kills #9, Just Like France (NWO Led Revolution)
11. NOW Destroys the Public NWO,
12. The Leader of La Resistance Is The Anti-Christ/Maitreya Figure
13. Leader Ushers In An Era of Peace, Eastern Philosophy/Religion, Sustainability
14. This will rouse the people, just long enough to take them even deeper into Sleep
15. The rest is already written


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