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7/16/2010 12:13 PM
My original article is above along with the responses. The update is this: According to
[link to]
proof has been shown that BP KNEW WHAT PRESSURES NEEDED TO BE REACHED TO SHOW THAT THERE WERE NO OTHER LEAKS IN THE WELL OR OCEAN FLOOR, AND THAT PRESSURE HAS NOT YET BEEN REACHED. Apparently an estimated 9,000 psi of pressure in the cap is needed to show that there is no other leaks in the well or ocean floor. BUT, the pressure has only reached 6,700 psi. So...despire the fact that BP is saying on T.V. that the test is going great, they're actually lying again! Go figure!
This article states that there is basically no such thing as a well integrity test and that this whole fiasco is bogus. Conducting the well integrity test has led BP to stop ALL other efforts. They have moved ALL the containment ships away from the area, and the drilling for both of the nearly completed relief wells has been completely stopped and the rigs pulled out of the area.

[link to]
More sites stating the same thing - they were looking for 9000 psi and are not even
getting close:
[link to]
BP capped well holding nearly a day into new fix

[link to]
BP Capped Well Holding Nearly A Day Into New Fix

D Scully (DScullyDScully) wrote:

Koz, there was actually a lot of radiation.
I have actually listened to the experts on this. The experts have said that what we will end up with is a bunch of radioactive sludge in the Gulf, which will be washing up on shore.
For some reason, you keep trying to translate things that you know about on dry land to the way things will work at that depth under water. You can continue to insult my
intelligence. I don't really care about that. I did quite well in science, by the way. The sea floor is likely unstable already. You really should try to look at more
information than you are getting.
By the way, a bad concrete job is likely the thing that got us into this mess to begin with. I've been listening to a lot of scientific argument about this over the last 3 months. I've heard all of your ideas. They've already been debunked.

The A-bomb was addressed in the first 30 days. Your concrete idea won't won't work,
because a similar thing was tried, and it was haulted. We are led to believe that it
made the floor more unstable. In other words, your idea will likely force oil to come up elswhere. We are likely to end up oil coming up from a bzillion places, instead of just one, if we do your idea.

friday july 16th 2010



If in fact there is still a large plume of oil shooting up a couple miles away from the main well, then it would build the case for the nuclear option. Last night on an

interview by Hannity, the guest stated that this cap will not be left there forever. It will not contain the pressure forever and something else WILL have to be done

eventually. He also stated there's no way that BP will allow this oil to go
untouched...they bought rites to it and won't let that go.
more doom and gloom

"It's the beginning of the end"!

Posted By: Nameless_one
Date: Thursday, 15-Jul-2010 18:20:23

In Response To: BREAKING: BP says test shuts off oil from ruptured Gulf well

(NaturalWisdom) Yes, all BP execs. are cautiously saying the the oil well has been

capped and now they are doing critical pressure tests.

All media reporters are now saying: "It's the beginning of the end"! What is meant by

that? How come no one is mentioning the ruptured sea crust and absolutely no mention of the "menthane gas"? What pressure tests?"

Obama went before the cameras and said, "The oil well has been capped and no oil is

coming, we will know more tomorrow, once the pressure tests are completed."


: BP says test shuts off oil from ruptured Gulf well
: Reuters
: July 15, 2010

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