Friday, July 09, 2010

VERY interesting connections are being made between the gulf oil leak, and UFOs.
the theory is that the location in the water, the gulf of Mexico is concealing something really big, a UFO, or time portal or something wild like that.
i have a hard time believing this, as the situation out there is dire enuff - no need to add any "far out" embellishments. BUT, i keep thinkin' on this angle and it fits more and more.
rumors on line are that we are being exposed to ETs slowly but surely

Informal UFO Disclosure 2010, Now Happening in leaked UFO Reports via U.S. Capitol Police
suspicious, is the fact that the media and civilian population are forbidden to look upon the sea,film,or photograph anything out there - why the black out- why?
why the effort to keep all eyes away? is there a HUGE UFO under there? naaaaaaaa,
but then again,you never know.
a hyperdimentional reality right THERE, at ground zero.
what i do feel comfortable in knowing, is that the leak is still going. BP says they may ,,just MAY be able to stop the gusher by end of month,we shall see,we shall see.

ANOTHER GOOD possibility is that as NIBIRU gets closer, the earth is reacting. we see this by the steady earthquake activity and wild weather.
i see there is a report about YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO MAY BE IN

Oil Spill Done to Conceal Buckling Seabed:
Wow . . . this approaching brown dwarf star is plausibly as massive as 10 to 12 Jupiter-masses!
That is as much mass as about 3,200 Earths. This estimation makes sense to me, considering that most sources we have heard from believe that it is a brown dwarf star.
Now, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, formerly the Chief Astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, did say: "it's a nice good planet."
So, it seems that he did not realize then, way back in 1991 while it was way out in deep space, that it is likely a brown dwarf star.

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