Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The movie Knowing ----Gulf Oil Spill Cont Day 85 and counting down

i saw a headline about weird clouds over the gulf,translucent- it was called,, just the like the ones i filmed and photo'd days ago here=

"FLUORESCENT clouds in the deep Gulf, likely a byproduct of benzene in the water Spotted By Researchers
i didnt see any pics here tho. need to see pictures OR videos.

another very suspious thing that is getting worse by the day:
when i google the word "OIL" and go to VIDEO-then view past 24 hours,,,then select thru the list of videos that are new - i watch everything if its NOT a REDONE *.avi being passed around -
i discover that when i choose and click on the link to view the video- i get this over and over and over, im refreshing browse- ive rebooted-
ive doublechecked for "ie ghosts" hanging up in taskmangr ??
am I being censored?????

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