Saturday, July 17, 2010

bad storms just popped up above us last nite- i took a few pics at 9.00 ish PM- the sky was completly orange,everything glowed and then it rained like crazy, hard.
so far this thing is holding(what we are being told) i see they are scanning the seafloor for leaks.
Bob Cavnar, oil industry expert
Oil Industry Expert: 'BP Cap Meant to Hide Original Rate of Gusher'
July 15 - 1,900 DOD and associated personnel are deployed to the Gulf
July 15, 2010 – Military efforts along the Gulf Coast continue today as part of the federal response force to clean up the oil spill.

CNN: Congress Unable To "PUBLICLY DISCLOSE" Gulf Disaster Information
cnn'sCOOPER: Congressman Markey, on I think it was June 23, you wrote a letter to BP, one of the many letters you've -- you've written to BP, that they haven't really responded to.

Professor: Low pressure reading may suggest well has lost power, not that it's leaking ( my ol' friend DON VanN.)

CNN reports well has “weak points at 9,000″ and “17,000 feet” that BP is likely “watching in the seismic” (VIDEO)

stumbled onto a site dedicated to videos obtained of police brutality - after watching a few- omg-whatever happens do not call the police-!!!- they are out of control- you better think first, is getting the police involved worth all the trouble that could brew up froma simple call for help. very interesting videos here ,scary,intense,gave me nitemares.


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