Thursday, July 29, 2010

are these "deep water bugs" - ive noticed them and commented on them from the get go- and now---some guy has really run with the idea these are deepwater metal eatin' sci-fi creatures
swimming around on film,and i wonder, now that ive seen his stuff, i wonder just what the hell is going on down there?

bugs swimming around on video, eating metal,swimming right thru the metal.
Bugs In The Gulf Swimming Right Through Steel!

alien things are going wild in the gulf

Alien metal eating insects from Hell. They must of escaped when we drilled to deep

sperm looking things were shooting up from the seabed.......

This reminds me of an old X-Files episode ware these odd worms would attack people while a hurricane was going through town. First or second season I think.

they have become much larger in recent days

search a UK news story from 1999!! about steel-eating microbes in the UK causing problems in the ports

Something very, very strange is going on
THE REAL TRUTH!BeePeeOilDisaster's Channel
im going to spend as long as it takeswatchin' everyone ofthis guys videos, its all incredible.

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