Sunday, July 18, 2010

BP sea floor GLOWING GLOBE!! What is it??


sunday july 18 2010
Gulf Oil Gusher: No Reason to Believe It’s Over
BP claims the oil gusher is capped. Short of independent verification, it should be
assumed the transnational corporation is not telling the truth.
A shark was spotted swimming around the well today. Not sure if sharks swim to the depth of 5000 feet or not.

sPEktrall Says:
July 17th, 2010 at 12:54 pm
It took them 88 days and tens of millions of gallons of oil for them to finally cap this disaster(assuming they arent lieng)? You think BP would have some form of procedure arleady in place to counter the explosion and cap the oil spill immediatly after the explosion. I mean in my opinion that should be mandatory for any oil rig. But, It doesnt really matter considering we know it was a staged false flag event with the actions preceding it and we know they clearly want to only make things like this worse by dumping even more toxic chemicals into the sea like corexit.
It should in no way take 88 days to cap any oil spill. Each rig should have some sort of immediate response team ready to cap the disaster on spot and have specific protocols to make the fix quick and immediate

Miltdog Reply:
July 18th, 2010 at 8:12 am
BOP’s don’t just fail. The leaked BP document doesn’t say sabotage, but does say it was altered. That doesn’t happen either.

lathankilbrand Says:
July 17th, 2010 at 1:06 pm
I foresee at some point some external independent source will “discover” that oil is
still pouring into the gulf. When this becomes public the Govt. and BP will make a
statement ” Recently, we’ve encountered problems and unfortunately, once again oil is leaking into the Gulf.” My only real question at this point will be How many Americans will buy into that or How many will wake up to the fact that it was never capped in the first place. I want to stress, I hope I’m wrong. I hope it’s simply a case of justified paranoia.
Best Case Scenario, let’s say were getting the truth. Great, now let’s focus on the
clean up and start doing all of the things that we should of been doing from the start.

Freehumanityplease Says:
July 17th, 2010 at 1:31 pm
Due to the lack of full media coverage it is hard to get any hard facts and info but
because of this and the speculation I heard on some reports that it was believed there was a rupture away from the well that was leaking oil into the gulf as well. If that is true then even capping this leak will not sort the other one….

Not sure how accurate that was that I read online (what can you trust these days) but could mean this is pointless and oil still pumping out elsewhere… I really really hope not…

KURTZ Reply:
July 18th, 2010 at 6:19 am
Yep all of a sudden this Lindsey Wiiliams pastor came up with the Russian Mendeleev pre -1900 “abiotic oil” hypothesis that BP had drilled supposedly to ultradepth causing astronomically high pressure and releasing a herd of toxix “volcanic” gases as well. I did not believe that for one minute.3-4000 wells are in operation in the area at normal depth and as far as I know only the Russian YUKOS has ultradeep “abiotic oil” wells in operation a.o in North Vietnam and “Russia” is independent from Middle East oil. A fellow Kondorkhovski sold YUKOS out to Carlyle Group (Bushjr., Kissinger,Rothschild),but he was put behind bars for 9 years by Putin around 2000. I wonder if “Carlyle” has revenues.

Interesting though that the abiotic oil hypthesis came up and I do wonder if it is true.
Thomas Gold wrote a book about it (Google “abiotic oil”) in the late 90s, all of was
dismissed by western science but as a research chemist I do wonder if old Dimitri
Mendeleev (and Berthelot the Godfather of French chemistry) was right after all.
Abiotic oil does nor come from compressed biomass it apparently can be found at depths in earth we where there never was any vegetation. That could mean there is no such thing as “peak oil” and earth’s oil reserves are good for at least 2-3 centuries. To find it one needs special geological surveys and high-tech deep drilling techniques and apparently the Russians can pull it off.
So lets say that BP capped the well now, I assume they are drilling 2 relief wells next to the leak. No martial law, no FEMA, no mass evacuation. And I will never ever listen to pastor Lindsey Wiiliams again.

Captain Hardway Reply:
July 18th, 2010 at 9:48 am
I must concur that if in fact Pastor Lindsey Willimas intentionally decieved people in an attempt to make a profit this is a most troubling development. If in fact he is being propogated by Alex Jones in conjunction with his own agenda of disinformation or other acts of self serving gain this will be especially troubling. I think the facebook “deleting issue” is going to be a catalyst for me and now I am very interested in finding out more credible information.

If in fact it turns out that neither Lindsey or Alex are deceiving us, well, then that is even better but for now I am going to remain on the fence unless someone can offer up some concrete evidence to support their claim.

Credibility is something much more valuable then money. You can always obtain more
money. Credibility is in very short supply and a very hard thing to replace once you
have lost it.
Please Alex and or Lindsey if you are for some reason reading this post, please offer us something in the form of a rebuttle because from where I stand, some think you may have sold your last bill of goods.

I will in fact remain hopeful that there are some very evil and powerful people here
influencing the flow of disinformation to Lindsey and Alex causing them in turn to
unitentionally disinform us, or there are the same forces at work trying to smear them and make them look like liars.
Time will indeed finish this story for us.

1,800,000 gallons of corexit bio-weapon is probably going to kill crops, contaminate
land and freshwater in as many as 15 states. it “disperses” the oil, mixing it with the water making it unrecoverable. in another article corexit is compared with Agent Orange, the wonderful bio-weapon defoilant that causes all kinds of major health problems that the military refused to acknowledge because of corporate and military stepdad was exposed to a lot of Agent Orange, it accumulates in fat cells. anytime he’d lose weight or drink alcohol it’d release from the fat cells into his bloodstream and he described it as being like a bad LSD trip.

what does old motor oil do to plant life? what does old anti-freeze do to plant life?

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