Friday, July 09, 2010

DAY 81 friday july 9th 2010

oil gusher day 81
no doubt about? it inside job..>! but the info and live feeds you;re getting is all

media propaganda (as usual. ).
see video called The Oil Spill Is A Illusion....Its All Setup and see what u think..
Thad Allen said today the? oil relief well will be complete perhaps in 10 days & all is well.

You need to understand it's just four people at the top who own BP.
These individuals are Jacob Rothschild, queen england, queen netherlands, and,
equivocally, Rockefeller. The old David Rockefeller - he owns Exxon, ConEd, JP Morgan.
Morgan owns Federal Reserve bank, which controls the U.S.
Rothschild owns Goldman Sachs, which sold 45% of its stock in BP three wks before the
Horizon explosion.
It's only four individuals. Remove them. They have lost their right to be on Earth.
just can't figure out why the government is helping to cover this up.

We KNOW that this is bad, why not let us see just how bad, so we can form a reasonable

response plan and get to work on it, if that is what is needed?

Why hide things from us? What is there to gain? If it is worse than we are told, then

why not tell us now, to prevent a bigger problem later?

If it is less of a problem, then why not let us know, so we can understand reality and

not worry?

History has shown that hiding the truth is often the worst possible action a government

or large body can take. So why not be open about this?

Revelation 16:3
The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became like the blood of a
corpse, and every living thing died that was in the sea.

if obama had a joint press conference with bp and laid it on the line
saying relief wells may not work after that were plumb out of ideas the spill is 100
times worse because the gusher is so deep that large plumes of oil many being dozens or
even hundreds of miles long are
wreaking havoc and destroying the planets main ecosystem that not only provides fresh
water but oxygen and food for the entire planet
we after the failure of the relief wells frankly don't see an immediate end in sight
my fellow americans and citizens of the world it is of heartbreaking regret that i
inform you that like the wildlife and endangered species in the oceans
many of you perhaps millions are going to die
things of this magnitude have happened many times in the earths timeless history, the
comet that wiped out the dinosaurs and allowed mammals to become the dominant species on
this just one example
our scientists working together with some of the best minds on the planet from fields as
diverse as geology climatology and sociology
have made a unique yet terrifying discovery
aquifers running deep below the plants surface are interconnected
for example a simple experiment using a common and safe dye was put into the streams of
an underground river in alaska
this dye over a period of several weeks showed up in underwater caves as far as the
ozark mountains and beyond
oil from the deepwater horizon spill has now begun to show up due too its massive deep
level and pressure in parts of the great lakes, the Potomac river the Mississippi delta
the rio grande and the Colorado river, just to name a few
in small quantities it isn't deadly but we recommend that all americans boil any
drinking water out of the taps in their homes'
especially for children and the elderly. we are not sure what the long-term health
effects are going to be,
however many workers on the exxon valdeze spill have died due to complications of long
term exposure to hydrocarbons
as i said before we are doing all that we can short of examining a nuclear option,
but it is the governments advice and the advice of fema and the cdc that an orderly
evacuation of the gulf states begins
as soon as possible with a minimum safe distance of 300 miles from the shoreline
this well help to keep you safe from another of this catastrophes health problems, the
airborne dispersants and the naturally occurring gas's that are deadly to humans such as
benzene and methane
coreexit having been used since the beginning of spill control operations does have a
component to it called ethylene glycol
some of you may be familiar with this chemical as it is commonly used in antifreeze.
so in closing we don't know how or when this leak will stop it has begun to contaminate
inland waterways and underground water tables
in ways we had not expected
we are anticipating massive food and fresh water shortages for many years to come, the
strongest of us need to help the weakest most vulnerable members of our society
but still expect deaths to occur in widespread diverse place's
without the ability of the government to control, at a future press conference that will
take place later this week we will go further into our plans for evacuation and housing.
mandatory vaccinations and ration food and water projects
that we are still working out
now there will be a brief question and answer session for myself or the representatives
of British petroleum
(hands furiously fly up at this point but its on the table now and the panic has begun,
thats why you'll never see this)

Clean Water Act - Section 311

(A) If a discharge, or a substantial threat of a discharge, of oil or a hazardous

substance from a vessel, offshore facility, or onshore facility is of such a size or

character as to be a substantial threat to the public health or welfare of the United

States (including but not limited to fish, shellfish, wildlife, other natural resources,

and the public and private beaches and shorelines of the United States), the President

shall direct all Federal, State, and private actions to remove the discharge or to

mitigate or prevent the threat of the discharge.

so on and so on...... huuummmmmmmmmmmm


Obama spent a whopping 30 minutes getting a briefing on the Oil Spill yesterday.

Just look at how he's focusing like a laser beam on the Oil Spill for us today:

Mr. Obama will spend the night in Las Vegas.

Here's the Full Schedule from the White House for 7-8-2010 (all times EST):

10:15AM: President Obama departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

10:30AM: President Obama departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Kansas City, Missouri

12:55AM: President Obama arrives in Kansas City, Missouri

1:10PM: President Obama tours Smith Electric Vehicles

1:30PM: President Obama delivers remarks on the economy

3:05PM: President Obama delivers remarks at a fundraiser for Senate candidate Robin


3:45PM: President Obama delivers remarks at a grass roots event for Senate candidate

Robin Carnahan

5:25PM: President Obama departs Kansas City, Missouri en route Las Vegas, Nevada

8:00PM: President Obama arrives Las Vegas, Nevada

9:15PM: President Obama delivers remarks at a fundraiser event for Senator Harry Reid

10:30PM: President Obama attends a dinner fundraiser for Senator Harry Reid

they WANT us to see this as caused by corporate greed and government incompetence.
whats the agenda?

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