Wednesday, July 07, 2010

im having hard time swallowing and breathing again, i think we figured out what my problem is, it is my gullblader-whats next.
my body has been in a dull achey consistant state of hurting

ive been focused on trying to gather supplies and survival gear.
i have a feeling we r gonna need it. with the plastic coffins and fema camps everywhere, its just too hard to deny it now.
im scared we r all gonna be done in by the government.
examples of danger:
There may be something to this "Gulf Evacuation" concern.Jake
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United States
7/7/2010 2:21 AM

I work at GECF in Kettering, Ohio. While I don't subscribe to the doom mind-set, I have noticed strange irregularities in our Medical Division production/purchase orders.

FEMA has ordered a considerable portion of bio-degradable and clean burn body bags, to be delivered to the southern states, as well as a considerable portion of Air filtration suits and units.

Before anyone "Sounds the alarm," This isn't particularly odd, these orders are processed frequently (while it sounds ominous, government agencies frequently order these sorts of things, a lot of them used in training.) But where I'm scratching my head is that there are several delayed-out orders (ie. Orders that are placed, paid for, and then placed in the front of storage to be delivered on another date) going to the gulf region.

It's very likely is nothing. BUT should something happen, I'd rather be on record bringing it to other people's attention.

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United States
7/7/2010 3:17 AM
Spoke to my National Guard neighbor today. He has been going on regular training exercises and has heard nothing about being deployed to the GOM. Of course he is a peeon. He also said he had not gone through any evac training as of yet or crowd control training. But he said as long as he is in a position to keep his wife informed of his location then he will and she will inform me. I am afraid though by the time they would deploy my neighbor and him get word back to us then it would be common knowledge here.


Breaking!! Toxic Water Samples- James Fox reports test results of water from Grand Isle

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what they call the evauation procedure:
Operation “Swift Fox”


Alex talks with regular guest Mike Rivero, editor and publisher of the popular web news portal, What Really Happened. Rivero is also a GCN radio talk show host.


REVELATION 8-Are We In The End Times?:

102196543 July 06, 2010
REVELATION 8. A must see micro documentary about the Gulf oil catastrophe. The oil disaster is possibly an extinction level event. The fragile eco system, the air, the food supply, the water supply, crops, tourism, the economy, the land and Liberty are all threatened. Humanity is at war with the Elite who intend to carry out their depopulation agenda no matter the cost.



detersbb July 04, 2010
This is a video that I have posted with my hope being that people wake up and realize simply that this is an extinction level event. Wonder why the official number of barrels has been increased since the beginning of this disaster from 1,000 to now 60,000 and there is beginning to be word that scientists and oceanologists estimate 120,000 to 240,000 barrels-4.8 Million to 9.6 Million Gallons Per Day. They are not telling us the truth, the whole truth.

The relief wells have already been written off as a failure to stop the leak by many analysts, and now the best of all possibilities is the stoppage occurring at Christmas. If God where to give this planet and the human species a gift they would never forget, this is it. Worst case scenarios, according to BP Officials, are that this leaks for 1-2 years, and doomsday scenario of 10+ years & 1 billion gallons of oil leaks into the oceans of the world.

There is a concerted effort to get the people to come together as one people united in a common cause. This is it, and that cause is literally the survival of the human species.

This is not a joke, nor an exaggeration. The president is in over his head and absolutely incapable of action. The situation is literally getting worse by the day as additional plumes pop up as the shaft has been compromised, in addition to the shaft enlarging itself due to the debris being shot out at higher pressure. This will only result in more oil escaping.

The focus should not be on clean up, nor containment. The focus should be on stopping the bleeding, and the only option that I have read that may do this is nuclear detonation to fuse the shaft shut. This is insanity, but it is actually being discussed.

This is why I have asked for mercy on our souls.
God Bless & Good Luck


7/2/2010 9:30 AM
[link to]
"June 30, 2010

BP Oil Spill - 2 sources with insider knowledge

Back from South Africa and jet lagged after 22+ hours flying...

Quick update:

2 new sources are saying the following (paraphrased or quoted when possible):

BP oil spill was a planned Op...Both sources agree on this.

Source 1: An off-shore marine shipping consultant

They were told for the past 5 years that the site they are drilling was "unstable" geologically. My source is a off-shore marine shipping consultant very solid with close connections to BP and other interested parties.

Bp was warned they were tapping into volcanic area. They have reports going back 4 or 5 years that there was a massive pocket of methane. It is going to blow. They had a rig manager who was very inexperienced.. The seals can't contain the rush / gas & oil methane. This is what caused the explosion. Block preventer -- has got methane building and it will blow... All the employees and people involved forced to sign nondisclosure agreements. You have an oil field the size of Scotland, when a hurricane comes through it will spread the toxic cocktail over Texas and surrounding areas and what could happen has never happened before -- it will rain oil and chemicals.

He went on to say that the amount of oil leaking has not been reported... it's at least 150,000 pds. The sea bed floor is cracking and it is going collapse...the well casing is going to collapse. All the workers out there know this. The gases you breath in are going to impact any first responders... and people out there.

There are other rigs in the Mississippi Canyon...That is what this area is called. BP's crews don't have the money behind them to contain the spill. How much oil is actually leaking out of the casing.. how much pressure...The question to ask is what is the pounds per square inch... I estimate 30-50,000 -- that is based on what I have been told.

KEY: the nuke idea would be a disaster according to this witness. "...With the leaks seeping out-- if that was happening in the North sea they would evacuate the area. When it rains hydrogen sulfate, benzene, methane and's a lethal cocktail--a toxic cocktail. Direct quote: This thing is going to bring down economies..Then he said, that the seabed is collapsing -- they are fighting a force of nature -- Bp has their best people on it but they haven't got a clue."

Note: this info is from an very knowledgeable source with details withheld to protect his identity. The info on BP is coming from employees with a need to know access. This is not the whole story but the informants are close to the ground at the site.
Second whistleblower:

Says the following. According to his insider contacts they planned this. What they want is for there to be a public outcry begging for a nuke. This will backfire and cause devastation undreamed of... The negative ETs are using the public sentiment against the people.

This would bring on Armageddon. This is their intention.

Do not be deceived by Lindsay Williams and others who are saying a nuke is the way to seal the leaks. (end of 2nd whistleblower testimony)

My note from another whistleblower: If a nuke goes off it will cause rivers of fire to ignite the hidden methane and gas leaks currently coming out of the ground in Texas and north. A river of fire will lead to a chain- reaction that will ignite the Yellowstone Super Volcano to erupt which will in turn ignite the chain of volcanoes down the West Coast ring of fire going down into South America."



Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 08:05:55 There is something very strange going on.. Normally when there is a disaster in this nation.. the National Gaurd Units show up and go to work..


The civilians are not dressed for that type of work..?

Something is as OBVIOUS as the noses on our faces.. but no one has noticed it.. [vkd]


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Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if someone here at could repost it.


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what link??? i mean,, be more specific pleeease! xoxo

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yes, u can use this material !

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