Thursday, July 08, 2010

so i broke out in tears again last night, i was talkin' to nina,and she said somehting about god not allowing certian things, i said "THERE IS NO GOD"and the tears started again......right there in her frontyard
what triggered my tears =headlines about animals suffering in the gulf waters..and birds migrating over.
i mentioned the headline about the huge flocks of birds about to migrate to south america as they do every year,, well,, they will all die, as they all head to the gulf for fly over. im getting tears now from just typing this. its just more then i can bear.
my heart is ripping out everyday i see this oil.
i have argued that this thing is going to "do us all in" far as "the way of life",its all gone now.
i feel a deep distrubance comming. i have to get ready, i have to pack bags, stuff em full of supplies and weapons. if shit doesnt hit the fan,then OK great, but if it does,, i need lots of medicine stashed back for this kind of trouble. i need to stock up on prednisone and painaids.


victory said...

there is a god, and hes whatching you, theres no need to worry, give it all to god.
god loves you and you cant hide from him, he is everywhere, at everytime.

debrabmaddox said...

wow,whAT a peaceful and beautiful comment-thank you so much