Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so, i get up at 6 am as usual. and come straight to my machine, to read the latest on developments on the GoM- im reading, when all of a sudden,, i see a name i remember back in early 80s when i worked for BP,Amoco Research Center in Tulsa OK, moved to houston texas

so i see CNN is interviewing him ,its a small word *remembering we used to smoke cigs in the building in those days. and drink beer in the office on fridays-times have really changed.


ALARMING videos are starting to add up now about the plants beginning to die after rains along the entire south (texas-ms-alabama-florida) ive watched the reports grow- it appears to be a large amount of reports in videos at utube for the evidence of toxic rain - i would NOT be surprised at all if this pans out. not to mention the cancer that could occur in bodies exposed
Toxic Oil Rain in Canada,Coast to Coast, 7/13/10 pt2


most amazing 1000's of birds fly in fracual patterns amazing.
look at it,,, just look at it !!

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