Monday, March 30, 2009

YOU ARE TELLING ME ALL THIS RA STUFF IS NON-SENSE, AND I AM PERFECTLY NORMAL ON XRAYS,,,WHY AM I EVEN COMPLAINING,,IS WHAT SHE WAS LIKE WITH ME AT THE DR'S TOADY,,k lke im going back there again,shhhitno i wish i could get insured,,work ad get insurance,,my god,,i swear you really have to be some kind of scammer to get ssdi,,cuz thats the only kind of people i know that get it here

tonite is bad (i just discovered that my new glasses are gone-missing) and i saw drwhitte and she really really really minimized my RA and wheni asked about my neck,,she looked at the XRAY report and said,,aaahhh looks like you got a little bit of arthitus your neck..and said something else about it but i was like,,OK whats going on here,,why r u telling me this and mininimizing it,,while my elbows are sticking out abnormaly and i showed her adn she was like,,OH wow,,OK well,,the reports say,,un-remarkable,,so in other words,,NORMAL she said,,but then again i showed hr my front knuckle,righ hand,,and shes like,,ok,,well,,i see it there,,,,why NOT THEXRAY,,what is going on here,,about 12 years ago,,i went in to have my friend a doctor,,jennuy in tulsa,,,i complained of depression then and a deep pain in my hip,,she Xray'd and after the results came back,,she sat me down and said,,she thinks she sees either LUPUS or RHEUMATOID in / on my xrays,,,i felt ok then so i ignored all that and thought she was just seeing something but i didnt know whatall that ment then- i felt just fine so naturaly i forgot all about that,,
i felt just fine except for that danm pain in my hip.
AND NOW??you telling me YEARS LATER that theres nothing !!nothing !! NOTHING on these elbows and hands in XRAYS, u r telling me i look normal,,BULL!!,,what the hell is gong on here_ me and kelly are having mental breakdowns right here tonite-we r
both crying and canot believe what is happinening,,,,THANK GOD kelly was in there ..she saw dr whitte just patronize me and then minimize my RA as if i dont even effing have it,,.she said,,debi,i saw it,,i dont understand what is happening- aaahhh11hat is going on,its very strange indeed tho,
i/we need to wake up from this nitemare!

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