Friday, March 20, 2009

it was 80 degrees and now its only 40 something,BURR,,damnit,,i need to get away from this painful cold weather.i hope gloria is OK, i was thinkin' bout her she went to her neice's funeral, and thats just not fair, too young to die - just heartbreaking news .i dont feel to strng this morning,,i didnt wanna get up,,i felt heavy as a rock, its almost seven now so i gotta fo wake kelly up so she can get going. i have alot to say, so i will be back later,,,for part two of this theapy.

------just some things that i keep thinking about...lookin for answers (as always)
Hybrid -DNA- Anunnaki -Nephilim -fallen angels -planet x -nibiru -sitchin -evolution -creation --aliens -ufos -mars -africa -moon -sunspots -planet x ....cycle on and so fourth.
tomorrow SATURDAY i will wake up in dallas with tickets to go see my favorite subject EGYPTIANS- the king tut exibit :
i will be there w/kelly and her family, they are providng everything, we, -me and kell-were very surprised and......gulp,,OK then,,so this is gonna be something,,seeing theREAL THING ,im about to faint right now just thinking about it,,(((yea, life still sux tho as far as RA goes but im trying NOT to think aboutthat))) and just think of "boyking" and how i willl be right there beside him to see with my own eyes,OMG! OMGOMGOMG, Akhenaten's son!!!,,my absolute fav thing to learn about. for those who know :“Can you see anything?” “Yes, wonderful things.”

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