Tuesday, March 31, 2009

im not well today,,im spinning in my mind aboutthe hell we have to keep gonig thru
(ssdi) OMG is it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have the welfair state up my ass all the time,the welfair doctr i saw yesterday blew me off bad,,belittled my RA and insists she cannot treat my mental health,(we ALREDY established that-duh) BUT THEN SHE turns around and writes out that i should accept the offer of group sessions at F and C servics,(which i said im never going back) wtf? OK,, either u are helping me with mental or not. why would she put group sessions my paper....
_what i am saying is that ever since i fell into the welfair state - ive gotten nothing but trouble,its no wonder ppl are jumping off the bridge_

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