Friday, March 27, 2009

it late aftenoon its cold and rainy and snow may fall tonite,on our tulips!
this weather is crazy,we just got back from my "shrink" appt. she(dr grayson)knows leah hunt -my other MSW.small world.
~the car was in the shop,the water pump blew and its almost time for rent,we had no extra money and we were really stresing but my dad saved us .i love my dad.
this visit was set up by my atty, who needs this evaluation for court, i dont mind, i just tell it like it is,,the doctors all say im bi-polar and they recommend special medicine, im depressed i just want to feel better, ever scince i stopped working- i have felt awful about my self,,oh god i cant type anymore,,im super tired - wish that i had a keyboard that lets me speak the words while it types for me,,
BTW,alot of UFOs are being reported and guess what else??? IM Worried about the NEWS this morning, it looks like the government knows something we dont ...and they are getting ready for something BIG BIG BIG mark my words ppl!..according to reports from watchful people all over the usa we have over 100,thousdand coffins (plastic) and concentrationcamps set up all thru USA,you guys,,somethings going on and im alittle concerned,,if u dontknow about this sorry,,but its scaRY TRUE.
IM not even gonna mention it again in writting,,,camps and coffins all thru america -
im not going to ever ever write about it going forward,,,im only going to read read read and watch watch watch - pay attn,get off my all meds and any type of depenancy on ANYTHING and get ready to RUN! very scary stuff..gulp.

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