Tuesday, March 31, 2009

this is a normal elbow

does it shows Synovial fluid?? -i dont know. thats what is geting attacked via RA .i wanna know?

ok,,im back and i cant figure out how to view this X-RAY CD
i just picked up the CD alittle while ago, i see my elbows,,(took a screen shot)
my one elbow looks real weird, u can see the nodual on elbows? and heres what i say: my elbows have separetated and they are THICKER now and they have that nodule or "that pointy part" on the end of my elbow.
they HURT LIKE HELL most of the time so i cant believe my x-rays are un-comment-able. im just stupified...what is it,why? do they look normal? hell if i know,,i know they feel like they are big and they are always in pain,if not ALOT then just a little.

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Anonymous said...

did you ever find out what was wrong with your elbow. i'm sitting here thinking the same thing. my elbow started hurting. i thought it was dry skin. lotioned up. skin problem gone but elbow swelled up , was pink and realllly hot. painful. went to ER. they took xrays - no issues. they tried to take fluid out - couldn't. put me on antibiotic - finished. tested for lyme - negative. the pain is less, but my elbow looks like a witches nose now. the skin isn't as moveable. it's weird.