Monday, March 16, 2009

guess what? i have no appts or responsibility today.its 6.51 am and we have a "sort of weird thing" happen to us,,we got a call on satuday late - it was danielle - shes getting evicted from her apartment which was welfare housing anyway,, she has no one to turn to - we didn't want to say """"stay w/ us""" ... but omg, she" put us on the spot" as if we could say NO,,
and we couldn't just not answer he phone cuz she kept calling over and over in desperate measures,,so we said JUST FOR TONITE(sat.night)- at first i resisted but as usual came around and when she got here, i was OK and thinking well,,maybe this is for a reason,,and she really has no one,(her parents died) so its now a monday morning,,,kellys getting ready and danielle is sleeping on our sofa,,im not sure for how long,, i told her she could stay ,,,and that we can figure out some thing for her - so thats whats been going on,,its been COLD weather again,,but the warm weather is on its way today,,its gonna hit 70 something,,yea!

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