Tuesday, March 10, 2009

its a sunny and warm morning- i did not have a easy morning today-had serious pain that would not go away-neck hands,feet knees,front collar bone left side --i had to take 2 darvon,& 1 tramodol,aka ultram, its starting to work,but im very high,and cannot believe im able to sit here 2 type' hope i make sense cuz im i am hiGH! i just got backkfrom droppin off cake,,opps i mean kelly, by the time i got back here and emailed her -to let her know i made it home safe,,(i do that every morning/or she will worry to no end)
i am soooooooooo sleeepy now, spring is here and i love this weather,,but i really cant do any thing now utill i feel better-kellys got allergies so bad,,all the bradford pears are in bloom and thats killin her. next month i will be bothered by the cottonwoods in bloom.(my hands -fingers are swollen this am
i seemto be doing better with pain -with all the help. i am gonna go lay downnow..

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