Tuesday, September 05, 2006

tues september 05 2006 = feel good today, yesterday (holiday) and today i have felt stong, and ableto get around, i spent yesterday and today at patsy's with kelly- i wasnt allowed to do much BUT being outside, in that garden just turns me on,,hahahaa, i feel so at peace there, and we are the ones who built that garden,,it has over 3 years of US working out asses off to keep it clean and maintained - and with littleor NO respect -just venting nevermind- things are changing now,,im nervous Stephany said shes moving out,,,she got back together with her looserGfriend,,whatever,,,so thats income NOW GONE ..im feeling ok from sunday mon tuesday,,we found a squirrel (5weeks) and had to nurse him via bottle,,and search the internet on what to do,,we had NEVER done this before,,so the mother in me just kicked in,,sick or not,i make sure that baby squirrel is doing ok,,not to cold or not hungry.,,or not crapin' on himself,,
im so tired now and hve to shower then go to bed,, the air is dry and cool, i think this is a plus for RA, and i have been allowed to sleep in the am untill i naturally wake up when i am ready, (8.00am)
then im asleep at 10.00 pm,,so this makes a easy day and allowes me to recover,,BUT today i kinda went crazy, i planted alot ad moved plants from one area to another,,i had kelly dig BUT i picke dup and moved all those plants,,WHEW tired Goodnitesleepwellmaythelordwatchoverusamen.

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