Thursday, September 21, 2006

09/21/06.thurs= ive been "away" for awhile -"faaaaar-far-away" I feel "alittle" better 2day,,
i hurt soo bad these past few days that i had to go as far as TAKING 2 painPILLS INSDTEAD of ONE !!!! and thats JUST not like me,,i was desperate tho,,as each time i woke up to only feel worse then when i went to sleep,,and sleep is my cure,so i knew something was wrong,, i would have fever,,then be chilled to the core,,then fever again,,up and down,, NOW we are onto something here,, kellys moms are nurses,,they bought a "sugar bloodtest monitor kit" and showed us how to use it,, my blood sugar is WAY TOO HIGH *Kelly's moms say it should be 100-110 for a normal *Mine has been 231 the 1st time we did it,,then 1st thing in am,,its 151 today and 141 yesterday am, without food.... sooo it could be
Steroid-Induced Diabetes
*at least it may xplain the reasons why im weak,lost all this weight, no appetite, and fainting,absolutly NO energy at all, and bla bla bla ....
i have been 2 the appt for CT scan on Monday AM 9.30 sept 18th,,no word yet on what the tests show,,probably that im pregnant with an alien baby and thats the whole problem the whole time,,, *joking* ...i miss creating art... and my planting...i have soo much to do, and havent the energy to do it..this sux. my fingers hurt today but its raining now and will be soggy all day (ouchy) im still in my slippers cuz i cant walk flat ,,finished bitchin,,gotta go, bye to whoever is outthere,, ihope u dont think im weird or anything ,,i just spin out these blogs and go on,,i barely proofread,,i let the misspells stay and i just do this because i have to talk to SOMEBODY and this is it! ,,i mean kelly hears Enuff really i feel sorry for her- she has to lug me arounf everywhere,,adn when im in pain,,she has to remain calm,and help,when she just wants to cry too - shes pretty tuff and she gets everythingof mine when i..... gulp... die... harsh Reality
this black cat is part of my soul, i love him w/ all my heart- i look for him the moment i wake up and he looks for me too! awwwwww ilovehim.

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