Thursday, September 07, 2006

thursday 2.20 am,,,i just woke up, BUT i had slept all afternoon, i started going down around 12.00 pm.,we had to pick up the dogs from the kennel this morning, i stayed with kelly while she took care of patsy's house, i just lingered and didnot really do much,,did not even take any pictures!
thats a sign that i am not all good, by 3.00 pm i became aware of wrists and elbows getting pretty bad in pain, my left wrist and that bump is really stressing me out,,left wrist is so weak and i have to keep it wrapped for protection. elbows feel like they are right behind my wrists...
I GO TO REMICADE at 9.30 am-this AM=...hope that fixes me,,because here it comes again!
(felt good 1 sun- 2 mon- 3 tues-1/2 wed starting to go down ) =3 1/2 from 7 days to feel good
and this has been a good week, better then most...
that bump looks like a Rheumatoid nodules just from looking o the internet about it,,and emails from friends who know are confirmimg as well,,, im scared

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