Monday, September 25, 2006

monday Pm (bloodsugar,140) feel like shit every bone in my feet hurt and my hands are swollen,and fingertips have splits (this is 2 finger typing) splits come to my fingertips,when i get too tired and they swelll,the skin around myfingernailbeds gets cracked,i call it the "splits" - they will bleed and get wost if i dont sleep with special lotion and gloves .... only way to get them healed is to cover them, kelly woke me up at 6.30 ish ? to take my PM meds and thats when i hurt soo bad,, when i sleepits going on,,something is going on,,because when i wake up,,im in pain,like i inturupted a" pac-man"party,, they are munching on my bones....everystep is too painfull

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lin said...

could be the steroids? also some folks get problems with blood sugars from other ra meds. keep a log, check in with an endocrine doc (as if anyone wants or needs more docs standing over the same kettle :>(

hang in there!!!!