Thursday, September 07, 2006

THURSDAY september 07.2006 Today is a sad day - i jumped outta bed at 8.00am -thew a bottle in for the baby,,hurting feet and no meds,, went straight-away to feed "da baby "!
He was hungry, he took the entire bottle and he looks BIG, he grew again! *ohnoo.. his tail is going up and over,,like a real squirrel, this means hes ready for hardfood, and im not sure what to do........
WE called Forest Trails Animal Hospital again. - They said they can take care of him and even have the DR. look him over! i almost wouldnot let go,,,,butwe sat down and talked -took awhile, and then the lady at the desk said "are you ready?" then...... they...(2 nurses?) came over to get him outta the small pet caddy we had him in,,,, one nurse told us not to worry, i said he needs food now, hes hungry, and told her how long we have had him and that he,s tame >- not good but i tried to keep that distance,,hes just a baby,,they will do a good job then place him out on the preserve they have for animals like him.he will be with his own kind! im glad/

TODAY i went to have REMICADE @ 9.30am,, VERY-hard to get there by that time, but i did,, Dr.Malloy saw me today, they took my blood-they refilled my prescription for pred- they told me my case is Very active - and the plan now is REMICADE every 4 weeks to see if that helps,, (obvious they want to see if the remicade is even working for me)& same ol'10 ml prednisone in the mornings,,,, (i told the Dr. that i ReFuse to take more then 10 ml.on a daily basis) and LAST but not least .5cc of methotrexate on fridays. SOOooo,,, this is the plan & we can see what happens, *he wants to schedule a scan of somesort,,i really cant remeber,, their are 2 kinds of scans,,--cant remeber what its called but im sure ill write alllllll about it when i know what is going on,,, today was depressing because i had to say bye to a little squirrel that has been w/ me from sunday..kelly pointed out that i did a good job because ..he grew .. he ate , he was happy and no harm came to him,, she also pointed out that weellll,we ssaved his life and thats a good thing!
I weighed in at 106 today & it seems odd that they are not looking at that or acting like its a issue,,i LOOK emaciated and starving and ohwell,, i made them notice it, and he wrote it down,,,thats about it,,when i got home,i felt weak,,tired and could not do anything,, i slept,,then woke up for dinner that kell cooked, then i went back to bed, and fell asleep- i woke up again,,to do this,, at about 10.45 pmish,,like i feel alittle better now,its 11.18pm.. *Dyslexia is showing bigtime in this blog thru-out the whole,,i have noticed it but not fixed
most of the errors,, whocares right?
Another thing worth remembering is i asked the DR. about my wrist,,just asked "hey, is this a nodule???" pointing the the hump --he said no,,thats your wrist bone and everybody has one, i said well, mine is changing,,& it NEVER looked like this before,, he wrote it down. but told me mine is more definate then other wrist bones, mine looks mispaced actully,,BUT ITS NOT A NODULE - he said no , its not a nodule, ok,great!whew! ( i still think it is, we will see,,,)

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