Sunday, September 03, 2006

saurday september 02,2006
have not been well - too ill to come to the computer to blog
we have noticed a few things worth mentioning
1. my hair has stopped growing *last 2/3 months
2. my fingernails and toenails have stopped growing.*last 2/3 mnths
3. i have no scales in this house but i am loosing weight by the day,(probably109 now)
4. cant swallow - this is old issue,but always always here to bother me. taking acid controler from walmart,just generic I NEED to buy the Prilosec OTC- but god, i cant afford that price,it was 24.99 at walmart supercenter -no-can-do. i have no money tree growing.
5.i have been in a "flare" MORE then i have NOT (in odda-words im sick more then feel ok) since april of this year. Dr. hs moved up the remicade again,,now i go on sept.11th-ahhhh 9/11weird. Im doing 4 weeek intervals? WHOA heavy shit.
7.never make it thru the night without waking up. (not sleeping good)
8.lots of issues now with my female organs (my overy/falopians feel weird)*during any flare- i also get a heated-swollen-hurting uterus/abdomenarea l.sorry this is gross to talk about my uterus,-it gets so inflammed that my belly sticks out, swollen and painfull- i had to take pictures and a avi movie ofthis - because of the weirdness , i can post a sample pic (embarrresed tho) here........

very swollen and painfull belly /uterus area .
i weigh 109-110 and this belly just POPS up swollen and inflammed
this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks this has happened, i took pictures of the 1st time too,icould NOT belive how big my belly is,,and its painfull so i have to lay down duing the episode- last for ?? after good sleep ususally im ok-
9. i STILL have that thing going on with my left side lung-rib cage area,
*the Dr. said no biggy, but its called Costochondritis
it is there when i wake up then sometimes goes away, or i just dont feel it because of my pain.pills? has NOT gone away
my main concern is weight now,,i cant gain anything, i just want to sleep and thats it.
im going back to bed now,,i JUST HAD TO DO THIS before i go anylonger..

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lin said...

you may have vasculitis and also some issues goin on with your lymph nodes..(not uncommon complications of RA..)could be affecting your esophagus and overall digestive system...need to get your belly checked out asap...CT/MRI/PET scan...get your eyes checked too, any vision problems lately again vasculitis issues..hep b/c or parvo or other infxn issues...ORENCIA good option/mfr should pay if ins Mayo clinic in Minnesota and Cleveland clinic in Ohio...get out to one of them w/records in hand..good luck, praying&postive vibes your way...lin