Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SEpt.26th 9.00PMtoday has been surreal. This is the first that ive been to my beloved computer - hurts my fingers to type. because my split finger tips, (skin splits)and my LEFT hip and wrist are in bad shape. I cannot sit on my left side - hip- i guess?!?OKOK WTF? BLOOD sugar test results,,,this is my reading 89 ????? THIS after drinking coffee and 2 sodas TODAY, hell i barely drink one soda, -so go figure?, I thought we were onto something but its STILL a mystery - What are Normal Blood Glucose Levels why r my reading so irractic? and even worse but why r my reading HIGH ?Whats going on to cause the up and down readings,-im still working on that .. i will tell my doc...ha Like they CARE, i used to say that i could attach a note to my deadass carcuss and fling it accross the check-in desk- and they would just push me aside to yell "NEXT!!!" today something weird happened -a Serendipity i talked to a young lady named terri she is selling all of her acrylic paint... i called about purchasing it, HA! Like we can afford even a dollar
i wanted to trade or at least se what she was asking for the paints ,,,anyhow -....we talked awhile i explained why i want the paint,(keep me occupied and out of depression) and she said her husband 47 yrs old just had to give up his job, and cant play his ART now-guitar- because he has RA! He can no longer work or play anymore. OMG!,,.is everyone getting it now? WTF is going on here?
I SAY THIS.... LOOK UP INTHE SKY ...... Chemtrails, an Introduction they are real & they happen EVERYDAY no one even cares .......thats cuz no one knows what the hell they are doing
*they* (government) will NEVER admit its bio Xperiments
or weather altering or ??? or… anything!!! - God only knows,
HEY-if this government's in on it -- then it just can’t be good….

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lin said...

Just read your post and I have to agree with a lot of it. I am concerned that you're not getting the compassionate care that you deserve. Unfortunately, too many people in the healthcare business either don't want to do it well or don't have the aptitude to do it seems like the art of medicine is long gone.
Ya know, I too wonder about the nature of what is going on in our environment. My friend, who is a rheumtologist, stated that there were very few autoimmune cases in her's rare. Just makes one think about it. She's from Southern India.